Counseling at the Nightingale Center

For the Psychologists and Licensed Marriage, Family, Child Therapists at Nightingale Center, it is important that our clients feel heard and respected. We believe that everyone does the best he or she is able to do, based on what he or she sees as available to them at the time.

When we meet with you we don’t just sit there, listen and nod. We understand that anxiety, depression and family/relationship worries can be very stressful. After compassionately helping you define what you would like to see improve, we then work with you to develop a specific practical, individualized plan.

We provide step-by-step therapeutic strategies to help you feel more in control of your life. This includes:

  • Up to date information and/or research about your problem.
  • Focus on behavioral changes that lead to feeling better.
  • New exciting skill-building techniques including better communication skills.
  • Outline of your options and choices.
  • Creative exploration and re-choosing of coping skills that no longer work.
  • Referrals to self-help resources, such as books, tapes and groups to help you realize your dreams.
  • Homework assignments between sessions to expedite results.
  • Our dedication to confidentiality and your privacy.
  • Enthusiastic support and encouragement as you put your plan into action!

For more information on the type of therapy we do here are the Nightingale Center, please read our page on Brief Therapy. We provide individual therapy, marriage counseling, couples counseling, family therapy, child therapy and teen counseling.

Acupuncture at the Nightingale Center

Acupuncture Room | Nightingale Center

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