TJ Lee, LAc

T.J. Lee, LAc

TJ Lee, Licensed Acupuncturist

T.J. graduated from U.C.L.A. and Dongguk Royal University of Oriental Medicine. He practices Juheng acupuncture technique which is one of the most distinguished and respected traditional acupuncture TJ Lee, Licensed Acupuncturisttechniques from Korea. He has studied under master Youn Koo Chung, and has been certified by Institute of Juheng Acupuncture and Moxibustion. He is one of very few licensed acupuncturists who can treat patients with Juheng Acupuncture technique. The Juheng acupuncture technique is a rare and effective technique handed down from master to students for more than eight hundred years. He feels a strong desire to serve those in poverty and distress. He has treated patients in Tajikistan, Russia, Parmir, Mexico, Peru, Cambodia and other mission fields around the world, helping people relieve pain and heal from tragedy. He is fluent in English and Korean, and he is also able to communicate in Spanish.

These are just a few of the things people have to say about Tae Jung Lee:

“T.J. is very easy going. He made me feel very safe and comfortable. I am no longer afraid of acupuncture needles. I will recommend him to everyone.” A.F., La Habra Hts., Calif.

Acupuncture Room | Nightingale CenterStop by for a complimentary consultation with T.J. if you suffer from chronic headaches, migraine, back pain, shoulder pain, digestive disorder, constipation, muscle strain or sprain, PMS, and other conditions.

Tae Jung Lee, Acupuncturist accepts the following insurance: PPO


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