Dr. Nightingale

Dr. Lois Nightingale, Ph.D

Clinical Psychologist, license # PSY 9503
Marriage Family & Child Therapist, License # MA 21027

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Dr. Lois Nightingale is one of the very few psychotherapists licensed both as a Clinical Psychologist and as a Marriage, Family, Child  Therapist. This means she holds both a masters degree and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, has completed  counseling internship requirements for each therapeutic

Dr. Lois Nightingale, Ph.Dspecialty and passed both the written and oral exams in California for these two psychotherapy licenses. You may listen to an introduction to her work on Sound Cloud.

She has been trained in EMD-R and is an active member of International Association of Trauma Professionals (IATP). She has extensive experience working with families, couples, adolescents, children and adults. She is also a member of The California Psychological Association and The California Association of Marriage Family Child Therapists.

Dr. Nightingale has received additional post graduate training in many modes of psychotherapy including Behavior Modification, Short Term, Relationship, and Family Therapies, Chemical Dependency, hypnosis, Cognitive-Behavioral, Jungian and Transpersonal psychotherapies. Because it is a high priority of hers to bring clients the most current and up-to-date counseling and  treatment, she spends over 200 hours a year in continuing education and specialized training.

She specializes in family communications; behavioral contracting, parenting, and helping families in conflict and crisis find practical tools that work. She primarily uses solution-based therapies with a focus on short-term problem solving orientations, along with humor and a strong emphasis on the positive.

Since 1980 her experience in the mental health field has also included; being a faculty member of the Holmes Institute School of Ministry and La Leche League Internationa, forensic evaluations, court testimony, and program director of two psychiatric hospital units, one an innovative Mother/Infant unit she pioneered to treat women suffering from Postpartum Depression, the other a Chemical Dependency unit for Charter Behavioral Health in Yorba Linda.

Her humor and effervescence and engaging style make her a popular national professional speaker. As the mother of two, her lectures come from a personal as well as professional point of view. If you have Medicare Part B your therapy costs may be covered.

Some recent audience reactions have been:

“Easy to understand. She is great at analyzing problem situations.”

“Very practical and spontaneous.”

“Methods that actually work, taught by someone who knows.”

“Loved her positive attitude and humor.”

“Lots of energy!”

“Well explained, clear, concise, well organized and practical.”

“Great speaker, please have her back!”

If you would like to invite her to speak to your organization a comprehensive Curriculum Vitae can be requested through our office.

She has appeared on numerous television, radio and Internet shows as a psychological authority and adviser. Because of her pragmatic perspective she is also frequently quoted in written media as an expert in her field.

It's a Bedroom Not a Boardroom | Dr. Lois Nightingale
It’s a Bedroom Not a Boardroom

   Dr. Lois Nightingale, Author:

Dr. Nightingale’s latest book: It’s a Bedroom not a Boardroom, How to be vulnerable enough to have true love in a fierce, competitive world.

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Her interactive children’s book, My Parents Still Love Me Even Though They’re Getting Divorced, is a story/workbook for children and parents facing divorce.

It is also available in Spanish, Mis padres todavía me quieren aunque se divorcian: una historia y libro del proceso de curación para niños.

Mis padres todavía me quieren aunque se divorcian
Mis padres todavía me quieren aunque se divorcian

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My Parents Still Love Me Even Though They're Getting Divorced
My Parents Still Love Me Even Though They’re Getting Divorced

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She has also authored many professional journal and self-help articles, therapeutic stories and audio books, and is an award winning poet. Her aim is to help people in emotional need find resources, regain hope and purpose and return to productive fulfilling lives.

A Quiet Time For New Mothers: Ways to Relax and Rejuvenate Lois Nightingale Includes easy-to-learn breathing and relaxing techniques to help rejuvenate new mothers by helping to reduce anxiety and stress. Included in La Leche League’s Audio Library. Running Time: Approx. 40 minutes.

Overcoming Postpartum Depression | Dr. Lois NightingaleOvercoming Postpartum Depression, A Doctor’s Own Story, by: Lois Nightingale, Nightingale Rose, 1999A Quiet Time for New Mothers | Dr. Lois Nightingale – Dr. Nightingale presents a personal and professional account of postpartum depression: types, causes, risk factors, how to recognize it and above all, practical suggestions that new mothers can use each day to begin feeling better. She also offers ideas for physical and emotional healing and information useful for partners and counselors. Includes an in depth account of her own experience with postpartum depression. Her warm voice and positive, practical approach reinforce her message of hope and encouragement. Running Time: Approx. 2 hours. (Reviewed in La Leche League International’s New Beginnings, Sept-Oct 2001.)

She has also written instruction materials for La Leche League International.        

To read about Dr. Nightingale’s work with children, visit “Dr. Lois Nightingale, Child Psychologist”


Lois V. Nightingale, Ph.D.

Phone: 714-993-5343

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