When Compliments and Adoration Wilt into Verbal and Emotional Abuse…What Do You Do?

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You remember how it was. Compliments, excitement, adoration, gifts, trips and fun. Now those are fewer and fewer and the anger is more often. You brace yourself when you go home. You never know what to expect. Your partner tells you their goal in arguing is understanding, resolution or compromise, but their words are shaming, blaming and […]

Holistic Treatments for Anxiety

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Anxiety disorders affect 23 million Americans. This number has continued to rise over the last few decades. Anxiety can range from excessive worry and self-doubt to fears and phobias to obsessively checking and rechecking things. People with “panic attacks” know that anxiety can bring on feelings that one is going to die or “go crazy”. […]

Getting Back to Your Center When You Feel Off-Balance

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Balance in one’s life is essential to functioning at our best and accomplishing the things we set out to do. Martial Arts participants, sports enthusiasts and those who meditate all know the great importance of balance to experience power and flexibility. Balance may be the most important thing we can achieve in life, giving us […]

Single Parenting in the Summer

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During the school year it can be difficult enough for single parents to keep kids cared for and out of trouble, but when summer arrives and school activities are no longer available, the challenge becomes even more complicated. Many single parents are left with the dilemma of being happy about extra time with their children […]

Holistic Treatment for Depression

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Traditionally depression has been treated with Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy or other forms of psychotherapy, and if severe, antidepressant medication prescribed by a physician. Today more people are looking onto options for all their health care, and emotional health is no exception. If you or someone you know is suffering from a deep depression with suicidal thoughts […]

Kindergarten Readiness

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This checklist is a very brief outline of skills that are needed by most children as they begin a structured school environment, such as kindergarten. If you have concerns about whether or not your child is ready for the kind of learning that kindergarten provides, talk with some of his or her potential teachers. Ask […]