When Compliments and Adoration Wilt into Verbal and Emotional Abuse…What Do You Do?

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You remember how it was. Compliments, excitement, adoration, gifts, trips and fun. Now those are fewer and fewer and the anger is more often. You brace yourself when you go home. You never know what to expect. Your partner tells you their goal in arguing is understanding, resolution or compromise, but their words are shaming, blaming and […]

Holistic Treatments for Anxiety

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Anxiety disorders affect 23 million Americans. This number has continued to rise over the last few decades. Anxiety can range from excessive worry and self-doubt to fears and phobias to obsessively checking and rechecking things. People with “panic attacks” know that anxiety can bring on feelings that one is going to die or “go crazy”. […]

Communication Tips for Couples

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Practice really listening to your partner Try to hear your partner’s feelings, thoughts and desires. It’s tempting to assume we know what our partner wants or needs. Be sure to check these feelings out with your partner and remember that sometimes partners are hesitant to express their feelings and thoughts for fear of hurting their […]

About Dr. Lois Nightingale

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             Dr. Lois Nightingale is one of the very few psychotherapists licensed both as a Clinical Psychologist and as a Marriage, Family and Child Counselor. This means she holds both a masters degree and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, has completed the thousands of hours internship requirements for each therapeutic specialty […]